Shiva Lingam Shirts Men and Women

We've released our latest t-shirt design dedicated to Lord Shiva. The design prominently features the Shiva Lingam. The Shiva Lingam is a focal point for spiritual aspirants and devotees across the world. Prayers and meditations are aimed toward this cosmic murti (symbol for worship). The lingam represents the potent energy of the Universe. Although it is called a lingam the linga pointing straight up representing the male generative organ rest on top of the female yoni. The yoni is a representation of the female generative organ. All said and done, this powerful symbol for worshiping creation combines both masculine and feminine Powers of creation.

Generative Power And Creation

Ladies you are the containers through which all human life finds its entrance into the physical world, we thank you. Adorn yourself with this Shiva Lingam t-shirt and express your fertile and creative potential with beauty and grace.


Gentlemen feel the Power of your innate generative prowess and creative potential as an evolving human being—and Man. This shirt represents the potency and potential that you carry within yourself. Wear this shirt proudly as not only a gentle-Man but as a dedicated and studious Yogi.


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