Is procrastination your middle name?

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Is procrastination your middle name?

Before you watch the video read this article, it's not too long and should only take about 4 minutes or so.

Are you a Rational Decision Maker who sets goals, does the work to reach them, and enjoys the fruit of all your hard work?


Are you a Rational Decision Maker who has lost his or her way and let the Instant Gratification Monkey within take over your life?

The Instant Gratification Monkey wants to max out all of your sense pleasures, the consequence being of course that you end up working and living at less than your potential.

Another way to pose the question, is procrastination your middle name?

The good news is, our Instant Gratification Monkey isn't a terminal disease. The string of poor choices that have led us to a less than ideal lifestyle chalk full of unhealthy patterns can absolutely be changed for the better.

You are better than that, and so am I. Truth be told, we’re always going to be, better than that. The wonderful joy of “human-being” is that if we’re still a human being, there’s more work to do. But please, don't despair, when we’ve transmuted all of our individual flaws, neurosis, and negative Ego patterns—whichever incarnation that is—it will be the last incarnation one has to take on Earth as a human being.

Are you still with me? I know I just got a little "hippy dippy" on you but I hope you're still with me. If not, well... keep reading anyways

Either way, I am of the humble opinion that we serve ourselves (and the world) best, when we utilize our life-time on Earth to get the most out of this mystical experience we call LIFE. We can’t get the most out of life if we’re chronic procrastinators.

I love this TED TALK featuring guest speaker Tim Urban. I got turned on to Tim by Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Work Week) who you’re probably already familiar with, if you’re not check out his podcast.

I have definitely been guilty of procrastination in the past, and sometimes I can slip back into my old ways. Nowadays however, rather than procrastinating, I’m really good at prioritizing what makes sense, rather than what is easy and fun.

Procrastination doesn’t feel good, and that’s what’s so strange and confusing about it. Why does something that makes us feel so bad inside, and stress us out, continue to persist?

This is a question I think all of us former and current procrastinators need to ask ourselves.

The best nugget I got from this video was when Tim raises the point about long-term procrastination. He points out that this is the worst kind of procrastination because there are no deadlines when it comes to long-term procrastination. For example, you want to start a business or write a book but you just keep on putting it off. This is much different then procrastinating before a term paper, or getting a project done at work. Writing a paper or a work project both have deadlines and most procrastinators will get them done because of the deadline. Although the paper or project won’t be their best work, at least it gets done.

On the other hand, the long-term procrastination has no deadline. That being said, you could want to write that book or start that business all the way until you’re old and gray, but it never gets done. Never realizing your true path and potential in life sucks! We do a great job at pretending we love our jobs or perhaps we accumulate material things that give us temporary buzzes, but that's not true-true happiness. Inside of each of us there is something BIG and beautiful that the world needs to see, hear, or feel from you, and you're the only human being capable of doing it in just that special way.

What is that thing for you?

Do you want to start a business, write a book, travel the world, find your true-true mate, companion, and lover?

It's time to kick our own butts into gear and realize our true souls desire and purpose.

So friends, I hope this video motivates you as it motivated me. We all have a sneaky Gratification Monkey inside, and we all have the ability to put that little monkey in his place.

Happy day to you friend, and keep an eye out for the Panic Monster!!!


-Michael Fireborn 🔥

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