Divine Moon And Black Sea

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Divine Moon And Black Sea

In the service of LOVE, and with the assistance from which all came, along with those who have tutored in support, and lent guidance to train—the Earth, Moon, Sun, and all seven spheres have awakened within me.

For I am a temple which inwardly dwells The Divine—there has been darkness for awhile—now it is time to shine.

Splendid Mother—the black and still silent Sea—from the womb of all darkness it is now that I see.

A new man, and now so much more, the ebb and flow of endless Truth is calling me home.

A million-million lifetimes and now I have arrived, ready to forfeit this body for the Spiritual life. O dark mother who controls both the blue and black Seas, I am your vessel please do what you will with me.

I have been distracted and many Moons have passed. It is now that I offer my heart and soul—eternal, pure and true—if these words are not whole may this breath be my last.

O Holy Mother who is known by many names, I only call you by one and this secret I will keep. For the mystery of the Moon has unfolding in me. You arrived by dream now I can never fall to sleep—awake here and there forever—beyond physical and reborn astrally.

So much more to take in, so far still yet to go, one Truth is for certain I am on my way home.

–Michael Fireborn 🔥

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