Power of Presence, The Breath -  FBY ep.1

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Power of Presence, The Breath - FBY ep.1

The most significant GIFT we can give to ourselves in each moment is—PRESENCE.

Each one of us is truly #GIFTED .

"God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Genesis 1:27


Each of us has within ourselves the potential of God, our souls are seeded with the potential for #selfrealization

What is it going to take to fully IN-BODY our highest #Christ #Krishna #Buddha potential while incarnated here on #Earth in this very #lifetime ?

It requires our CLARITY of both #heart and #mind , CONSISTENCY, and PRESENCE.

We gain clarity through observation, if we observe #meditate with consistency, naturally the #iampresence arrises within us. One can be aware of any given circumstance, but to be fully present implies that one has placed his or herself at a very specific point perspective—the perspective of God.

Imagine what it must be like to see all things, in all times, across all dimensions simultaneously, and to #LOVE absolutely without condition.

You cannot imagine this anymore than you can paint a picture of it.

Many people do paint pictures to fascinate #themind with their ideas of the way #enlightenment is—but the imagination cannot touch the absolute PRESENCE of Self-realization.

The only way to bring this presence into the life is to BE IT.

You cannot BE IT by going to church.

You cannot BE IT by listening to a #pastor or #preacher .


Each human being must walk by one's own Self. We must call into the life the true Divine presence of our highest potential—our Higher-Self—our #Christ.

The method in which we use is #spiritualscience , it is not based on belief, or dressing up nice on Sundays.

Gathering in groups feels good and gives  one a false sense of comfort. The path to becoming a Self-realized Christ is not comfortable. The path is lonesome at first, it requires focus, and consistency.

This the path of #YOGA with an emphasis on #meditation.

-Michael Fireborn 🔥

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