Van Life, Your Opportunity For Freedom

Van Life, Your Opportunity For Freedom

In less than 60-seconds Michael quickly shares the benefits of choosing an alternative lifestyle as a means to free yourself from the MATRIX of conventional living.


If I didn't make the decision to venture out into the world as a nomadic van dwelling entrepreneur it would have been next to impossible to create my online businesses. Fireborn Yoga was born out of my determination to cultivate a lifestyle of freedom and happiness. The road that has led me here has been dotted with obstacles and learning lessons but in he process it has made me a better businessman, and human being. I have worked very hard to create a brand that people can identify with and support. I started from nothing and now I am creating a life that is abundant and contributes to society in a meaningful way.


I have been living in a van for nearly a year now. As I've come to better appreciate my chosen lifestyle it has become very clear just how beautiful, brave, and smart the choices I've made truly are!

Previous to my #vanlife I was living paycheck-to-paycheck with aspirations beyond what my life at the time would allow. I'm a natural entrepreneur at heart, the idea of having a traditional boss and work environment makes me sick to my stomach. I have made it a priority in my life not to fall into traps created by myself, e.g., unplanned children, dependency on credit, or the accumulation of unnecessary material nonsense. I live small, within my means, and my priority in life is my #HEALTH and #HAPPINESS .

This chapter in my life has a theme of hustle, expanding boundaries, and inner-exploration. I strongly encourage anyone out there reading this post to #followyourheart if the conventional lifestyle you've been sold does not appeal to your heart. We have access to INFORMATION now. You don't have to have kids and a house to be happy, in Truth that lifestyle choice is antiquated and will not survive as human beings really learn the significance of what it means to create a new body for a soul to incarnate into.

Choosing an alternate lifestyle like van dwelling or living in a trailer/RV is becoming very popular these days. This doesn't have to last forever but it can be the chapter in your life that you discover what you're really made of. This can give you the breathing room to develop as a human being without the stresses 99% of the rest of society has. You can truly find your purpose in life and then create a plan to live out that purpose.

–Michael Fireborn

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