What Are You Grateful For?

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What Are You Grateful For?

I love this question, Hmm... "What am I grateful for?"

Gratitude as I have come to find out in my later years is truly a powerful force and ally to have in life. Gratitude when consciously expressed by a human being  has all the promise and potential to radically change one's life in a truly beautiful and profound way.

Gratitude is analogous to the muscles in your body. In other words, the more you exercise your faculties of gratitude, the stronger you become in terms of your ability to truly be grateful. In addition the more effort you put into it the easier it becomes, and the more benefit you see and experience. What's interesting about gratitude is that it is quite the natural expression of a centered and balanced human being.

We're not necessarily living in the natural world though are we. So much of our materialistic society has conditioned and informed the way we think, speak, and act in the world. For a society that is always reaching out for more, more, and more, it's not natural at all to stop and acknowledge all that one already has. Rather than having an attitude of gratitude, so often it is the case that we feel entitled to have more, or we feel as though we are lacking—fill in the ___ blank.

In Truth (with a capital "T") we are abundant beings and we live on a living planet that has an abundance of resources. If we were living in accord with Nature, there would be no lack, suffering, or feelings of entitlement. If we realized the fundamental Truth of who and what we are—Divine Creative Beings—who have the capacity to create whatever reality we want for ourselves, we would be living in a very different world.

"Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?" –Luke 12:24

Flowstate Life in Balance - Gratitude

Get In The Flow With Gratitude

Gratitude is lubrication for life, and the more you have—not this fake I'm just saying the words conventional gratitude—but true-true gratitude, the smoother life becomes.

Gratitude especially when combined with appreciation (which is a completely different thing) puts you in the flow—the flow of the Natural world and forces behind all LIFE.

So, what am I grateful for?

I am grateful for so many things but what first comes to mind/heart right now is TIME.

I am grateful for this mysterious phenomenon we call TIME, for without it none of this exquisite illusion would be possible. Truth be told, from the moment we are born we are literally running out of it. Because of the way we've setup our societies thus far, the vast majority of us aren't really grateful or appreciative of the time we have. This is a double whammy because if we're not grateful or appreciative for our own precious time (and all that entails), it becomes near impossible to authentically express gratitude and appreciation for the time (and all that entails) for other people (all living creatures).

So we live in a world where most of us are only out for ourselves and those closest to us. We grossly abuse animals while ravaging and raping the planet of her resources. We're stunted by this feeling of lack—the cause of our suffering—and because of this we are always looking to others to in some way fulfill us. Although this needy fear-based scarcity isn't always directly expressed in such an obvious way, it is always expressed energetically. Energetically we don't necessarily trust one another. Because of this mistrust we still have imaginary borders that tell us we're Mexican, American, European, etc. We continue to live in lack because we cannot see the abundance and beauty all around us.

I can tell you this much, if we were all living with an attitude of gratitude and expressing that gratitude toward one another, there would be no feelings of lack—there would be no haves and have nots. We wouldn't be able to stomach the idea that a fellow human being doesn't have enough food to eat, or that a child doesn't have the resources for healthcare, a good home, and education. Gratitude goes a long way to manifest plenty in the world, and in each individual human beings life.

Let us all do our best to consciously take note on what we're grateful for in our lives. I can tell you through my own personal experience gratitude will radically change your life for the better. We have very little control over the circumstances and experiences that Spirit brings into our lives, but we absolutely have 100% control over our attitude towards them. When you know that everything in your life is unfolding just the way it should, gratitude in tandem with appreciation (which I will talk more about in the next blog post) despite the circumstances and experiences in some mysterious way naturally gives you a clearer perspective to LIFE, the world you live in, and your place in the whole scheme of things.

You have a purpose here on Earth. Whether you know it or not, there is a Divine plan for us all and it has everything to do with making this world a paradise once again—heaven on Earth.

So, what are you grateful for?

Let us know by leaving a comment below, or email us.

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Your support is appreciated and we are grateful you are here.

Peace and blessings to you brothers and sisters.

God bless you, and remember to SIT, BREATHE, and LISTEN.


–Michael Fireborn 🔥

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Begins With Love, Ends With Happiness

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